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Meta is a free protection bot, but it costs money and a lot of time to manage and create. So if you'd like to support us and get few perks, consider getting Meta Plus!

Meta Plus - Become Exclusive

Meta Plus is Meta's premium version that offers some perks, but is mostly created to fund the bot.

What do you get with Plus?

Support the Meta Discord Bot

Enable premium banners & looks on the bot

Unlock new Anti Mod Grief Modules

Kick Alt Accounts automatically

Get exclusive updates & Beta access

Special Rank & Priority in Support Server

How to become exclusive with Meta Plus?

Meta Plus can be purchased for a low price of 2.99€. And the best part is, that it's for a lifetime! That's right, it's a 1 time payment and you can enjoy those perks as long as you wish.

Meta Plus can only be purchased via Discord's system. Simply click on Meta and you can see the premium button right over there. Then, simply follow the steps and you're done!