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Meta is a Discord protection bot that helps to keep your server safe! Meta Bot features are divided into 2 categories, it's either system or protection.

Meta Discord Role & Mute Mute Rank

What is the Meta Role & Meta Mute rank, how to use them and how to set them up!

Meta Discord Role

When you have invited Meta into your server, Discord automatically creates a new role called Meta. This role is only for the Meta Bot, so the bot gets the correct permissions.

Meta Mute

Meta Mute rank is created by Meta, when you run the setup command. This rank is required inorder for the bot to function. Meta Mute rank is given to people to automatically whenever they trigger the Meta Anti Mod Grief System. This role will make users not see any of the server channels and also removed all their permissions, making the person completly unable to harm your server.


The Meta Discord role must be above Meta Mute rank.
Otherwise Meta cannot give out the Meta Mute Rank.

Meta Mute Rank must be above the Moderator Rank.
Otherwise the rank has no point, the permissions are overwritten otherwise.

A visual tutorial is also available under the setup response embed.