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Meta is a Discord protection bot that helps to keep your server safe! Meta Bot features are divided into 2 categories, it's either system or protection.

Malicious Bot Detection

Lock the adding bots / applications permissions behind Administrator permissions and scan each bot that is added to your server.

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

Protection systems can only be managed and modified by people who have the Administrator permissions.

What is Malicious Bot Detection and how it works

The Malicious Bot Detection system protect your server from being griefed by malicious bots.
This is the perfect module to enable, if you want to keep your server clean from bots and only make it so trusted people can add bots into your server.
Once enabled, Meta will active 2 different protection systems, info below.

Meta Group definently recommends to enable this feature.

Admin can only add

By enabling the Anti Malicious Bot Detection system, only people with Administrator permissions can add bots.

By deafult, people with Manage Guild can add bots to the server, but Metas system will Meta Mute them if they do not have the Administrator permissions.

Scanning each bot

When enabled, each bot that is added, will be runned through Metas Malicious Bot List. If the bot is in the list, Meta will Meta Mute the bot. User who added the bot will not be affected by Meta.

What bots are in the list? This is private information. We only add bots that are harmful / known to harm and destroy servers. For more information on this, please contact with the Head of Meta Group over in the Support Server.