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Meta is a Discord protection bot that helps to keep your server safe! Meta Bot features are divided into 2 categories, it's either system or protection.

What is a dangerous role?

This page explains, what are the dangerous roles values and how it works.

What is a dangerous role and what does it do?

Meta checks out every single role in the server. Each role will be filtered based on their permissions. If the role has specific permissions that could possiblely harm your server in any way, Meta will consider it to be a dangerous role.

Dangerous roles are only used in Meta Anti Mod Grief Dangerous Role Protection System, where if a user gives someone else a dangerous role, Meta will trigger it's response and Meta Mutes them until a higher-up will come and deal with the situation.

What roles are considered to be dangerous?

If a role has atleast 1 of the next permissions, it is considered to be a dangerous role: