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Meta is a Discord protection bot that helps to keep your server safe! Meta Bot features are divided into 2 categories, it's either system or protection.

AutoMod Protection System

Protect your server from the most common and needed things such as racism, server promotions, self botting and anti rule34 with only 1 click.

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

Protection systems can only be managed and modified by people who have the Administrator permissions.

What is AutoMod and why we offer it

AutoMod means Automated Moderation. Give your Moderators some rest and let Meta and Discord take care of some basic moderation actions!
Meta works directly with Discords AutoMod system, to set the auto moderation on very quickly and with no difficulty. For people, Discords AutoMod could be a little difficult to understand and that is why we offer the easy & quick way to set it up with Meta.

All you have to do, is click a filter you'd like to have in your server, and Meta does rest of the setup. You can always modify what Meta does, so check out below, how you can edit the filters on your own.

Invite Filter

By enabling this filter, Meta creates a new AutoMod rule to block any further Discord Invite Link.
Typically, users try to advertise their servers in other communities to gain members from them, but usually this is very annoying and spammy, so we do recommnd to enable this filter!

All Moderation logs are sent into Moderation Logs channel.

Racism Filter

Block all type of racial slurs and discriminative words in your server. Meta has gathered a very large and advanced list of words to block once enabled.

All Moderation logs are sent into Moderation Logs channel.

NSFW Filter

All type of NSFW termins, words, websites and more will be blocked from your server with this filter.

All Moderation logs are sent into Moderation Logs channel.

Profile Filter

With this filter, AutoMod will check each members profile to detect illegal, rude, NSFW, harmful names in users profiles. This is very useful inorder to keep your community safe! NOTE: Your server must have COMMUNITY enabled inorder to enable this filter.

To enable community:
1) Head over to Server Settings and find Enable Community
2) Complete the community setup
3) You're done! That's it!

All Moderation logs are sent into Moderation Logs channel.

Change or Delete Filters

In order to change or delete filters, you have to go to the AutoMod settings in your servers.

Normal server: Server Settings -> AutoMod

Community server: Server Settings -> Safety Setup -> AutoMod

To delete, click on the given rule you'd like to delete and use the 3-dot-menu to delete the rule.

To chaneg the filter, click on the rule (not 3-do-menu) until it expands to bigger size. Then you can change the specific words and how the system acts.