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Meta is a Discord protection bot that helps to keep your server safe! Meta Bot features are divided into 2 categories, it's either system or protection.

Anti Alt Detection System

Get notified each time a possible alt account joins your server. Get options to kick or mute the account.

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

Protection systems can only be managed and modified by people who have the Administrator permissions.

What is the Anti Alt Detection System and how does it work.

The Anti Alt Detection System is a very simple and easy way to protect your server from Alt Accounts.
Meta will not do anything to the alt accounts unluess your server has the Auto Kicker enabled.

Once an account joins your Discord server, Meta will check how old the account is. If the account age is greater than the minimum day you've setted, Meta will count this user to be an possible alt accounts.
Once user has joined and the account is considered to be an alt account, Meta will send an detailed log into the Administrator Logs channel. The user is also notified about the issue.

The log that has been sent into Administrator Logs has options below to timeout the user for a specific time.
The options are Timeout 1h, Timeout 6h, Timeout 12h, Timeout 1 day. The user is also notified, if they are muted.

The Anti Alt Detection System can be enabled by using the /settings command and then choosing Anti Alt.

Auto Kicker System Meta Plus

Enable an option to kick all joining accounts immediately, that are considered to be an alt accounts.
Accounts that are already in your server, are NOT kicked.

This feature is only for plus users, because it is not necessary to protect your server.
You can enable the Auto Kicker by using the /settings, choosing the Anti Alt and then clicking on the ⭐Auto Kicker

Change the minimum account age

You can change the minimum account age by going to /settings, choosing the Anti Alt and then clicking on the Change Minimum Days.
This will re-modify Meta's protection system, to consider alt accounts. By deafult, the minimum days are set to 2.

For example, by deafult, Meta will consider an account to be an alt account, if their account is younger than 2 days. If you change the Change Minimum Days to 5, Meta will now consider an account to be an alt account, if the account is younger than 5 days.