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In total, Meta has 11 public commands that server administrators, managers and other staff can user.
Meta's commands are separated into 3 different categories, moderation, information and server.

/timeout-add [user] [time-format] [time] [reason] [proof]

Timeout a member with Meta's advanced timeout command. Clean, understandable and easy to use moderation command!

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

This command is available for server owner and people with the Moderator Rank or Moderate Member permissions.


User or server member who will be timed out in the server.

Time Format

Select the time format. Options are "seconds", "minutes", "hours" or "days". The timeout lengt will be calculated based on the time format. If you put "time" as "10", and choose "minutes", then you're doing to mute the person for "10" "minutes". Very simple and understandable, we know ;)


A number. Time is the lenght as a number. You select the time format and then the actual lenght of the mute. For example, if you chose "hours" and time as "3", then you'll mute the user for "3" "hours".


Set a reason why the user was timed out in the server. The reason will be logged with the log embed that is sent into your server Moderation Logs channel.


Proof is an optional selection. A png or jpg image file can be included to show proof. We recommend using proof, then everyone understand why that person was timed out.