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In total, Meta has 11 public commands that server administrators, managers and other staff can user.
Meta's commands are separated into 3 different categories, moderation, information and server.

/setup [admin-logs] [mod-logs] [mod-rank]

Setup command is the first command you should run, after you've invited Meta Bot into your Discord server. This command sets the logs channels and the moderator rank.

If you do not set the bot up with this command, Meta wont work in your server! Learn about role positioning and Meta Mute rank here.

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

This command is available for server owner and people with the Administrator permissions.

Administration Logs

Administration Logs channel is required, because all the sensitive information will be sent there. Protection systems like Anti Mod Grief, Anti Alt and Malicious Bot Detection use Administration Logs, to notify server staff about a possible threath. It's recommended that only very trusted members of the Discord server should see Administration Logs such as Administrators, Managers or Senior Moderators.

Moderation Logs

Moderation Logs channel is required while setting the bot up, but if you don't use any of the Meta's Moderation Systems or commands, you don't really need the channel.

Moderator logs is used to log bans, unbans, timeouts, removal of timeouts and Meta Automod logs, moderation logs only work with Meta commands or systems. If you use other bots, nothing will be logged. There is no database for logging systems yet.

Moderator Rank

The Moderation Rank or else known as staff monitor rank, is the Discord role that Meta will monitor. Users with that role will be monitored by meta 24/7, if your Anti Mod Grief system is enabled, only people with Moderator Rank will be punished. If an user doesn't have the Moderation Rank, Meta wont do anything, if they try to destroy your server.

We reccomend choosing the general staff rank or main moderator rank in your server, to be the Moderator Rank in Meta.