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In total, Meta has 11 public commands that server administrators, managers and other staff can user.
Meta's commands are separated into 3 different categories, moderation, information and server.


Get quick information about your server, what's going on in there and what are the issues with Meta in your server. The scan command shows you the general issues what your server has and gives an overall protection score.

🚩 Restrictions 🚩

This command is available for server owner and people with the Administrator permissions.


Under the Mod Grief statistics, you will find the Admin Count, which is how many users in the server have Administrator permissions. Be aware, that this also includes Discord Bots that are in your server.

The Anti Alt section displays new accounts that are currently in your server. Be aware that this statistic includes bots.

Server Stats give you a quick overview of your server, the Member Count, Channel Count and Role Count.

The Issues tab shows all the issues and also directs you to fix them, with the link setted inside the issue message text. If there are no issues, the bot will simply say so :)

Protection score calculation:

The overall protection score is calculated based on Meta's protection systems and the general safety of your server.
This is how the points are calculated:

• Log Channel Setup +5 points
• Moderator Rank Setup +5 points
• Mute Rank Setup + 5 points

• Mod Grief Channel Create Enabled + 3 points
• Mod Grief Channel Delete Enabled + 3 points
• Mod Grief Chanel Modify Enabled + 6 points
• Mod Grief Ban Revoke Enabled + 6 points
• Mod Grief Dangerous Roles Enabled + 8 points
• Mod Grief Guild Update Enabled + 3 points
• Mod Grief Role Created Enabled + 3 points
• Mod Grief Role Deleted Enabled + 3 points
• Mod Grief Role Modified Enabled + 5 points

• Anti Alt Protection Enabled + 12 points
• Malicious Bot Protection Enabled + 12 points
• Auto Mod Protection Enabled + 4 points

• Admin Count + 12 points
• New Account Count + 5 points