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Meta Commands


Setup - How to set up the bot

Settings - Manage & see your server settings

Scan - Scan and protect your server

Inspect - Investigate and check out any members in your server


Ban Add - Ban someone from your server with Meta

Ban Remove - Remove a ban from someone in your server

Timeout Add - Time someone out in your server with Meta

Timeone Remove - Remove a timeout from a member in your server


Help - Get started with Meta

Wiki - Check out how Meta works & get quick support

Ping - Check if the bot works and how fast it responds

Meta Features


Anti Mod Grief - Add an extra layer on protection your server

Anti Alt Detection - Make sure you know when a suspicious account joins

Malicious Bot Detection - Allow only Adminis to add bots into your server

Auto Moderation - Add 4 most necessary rules into your server with Meta


Dangerous Roles - What is considered to be a dangerous role

Meta rank & Meta Mute rank - What are these roles, what to do with them

Meta Plus - Become Exclusive

Meta & Legal

Invite Meta

Support Discord

Terms of Service - Meta Legal Document.

Privacy Policy - Meta Legal Document