Who is a Meta Group Member?

We are a group of volunteers who are here to create something special.
Everything nowdays is plus, premium, pay money stuff and we don't like that. That's why we have created Meta.
This is a passionate project, while we are developing Meta, we are learning how to code a bot, how to code a website, how to deal with customers
how to come over difficulties, how to find solutions and how to implemete new ideas and make them better. There is so much to learn!!

We, the Meta Group, are here to make your Discord server premium, we hate ads, we like when things are clean, beautiful, stable and simple to use. If this is something you also like, use Meta.

Don't be ashamed to reach out to any of us, while you're asking for help, we're also improving our skills, it's a win-win. The Meta Group is one of the friendliest team I have ever managed within my 5 years of experience.

To join us, you'll need to be noticed, we reach out to people who we think will fit our team. The best place for it would be the Support server ;)

Happy Protecting - The Head Of Meta Group @goodguyfrosty

Frosty - MetaDev, CEO

Username: @goodguyfrosty
ID: 530067274766483487

Position: Founder & Head of Development
Joined with Meta: 2 years ago

Frosty is the Head of the Meta Group. He's the only developer and the only one whose constantly working on new features.
He has learnt javascript for 2 years and has spent couple months learning html and css, just to create this very same page you're currently reading.
Frosty takes care of everything, staff, development, website, updates, support, moderation etc....

Dankly - Administrator

Username: @dankly1032
ID: 599906161944166401

Position: Discord Administration
Joined with Meta: 2 years ago

Dankly has lots of experience when it comes to managing in Discord. He is a volunteer, who keeps the Meta volunteer team running.
Dankly loves to be behind the scenes, you almost never see him in public channels or communicate, because all is happening behind the screnes :o
But... he keeps an eye out. If you say something, it's very likely that Dankly has seen it.

Bapo - Head of Moderation

Username: @bapo_
ID: 525953307034910720

Position: Head of Moderation
Joined with Meta: 2 years ago

Bapo... bapo the taco.. no he actually is not a taco.. but.. anyways.
Bapo is the bonker in Meta. If you mess up, you have to deal with him. He makes the final decicions when it comes to Moderation.
If you ever want to become a moderator, it's very likely, that Bapo is the one whose dealing with you. It could be fun... or...... you never know.

Randy - Head of Support

Username: @randy_power17
ID: 763272202778837043

Position: Head of Support
Joined with Meta: 2 years ago

Randy, the knowledge of Meta. He's familiar with the bot and can help anyone out instantly. He's our Head of Support, helping out everyone who gets stuck with Meta.
Randy is a busy guy, he's always working on something, he likes building and is generally a great chatter, you can't be sad when Randy is around, because he always makes people smile!