Meta Bot Terms Of Service


Meta Group - The official team, product & service.
Meta Group Services - Meta Discord bot (link invite), the website with the domain, Meta Support server.
Meta Team - The members of the Official Meta Group Team.
Website - The website with the domain
Document - Meta Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Customer - An account owner, who uses Meta Bot Services.

This is the Meta Group Discord Bot Service official Terms of Service. This document is owned and created by the team of Meta Group. All information and rules are owned by Meta Group.

Last updated: 21:04:2024

This Meta Bot Terms Of Service is directed to this website ( ) and all related services provided by Meta Bot.

By using any Meta Bot services, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms Of Service and comply.

If you do not agree with these Terms Of Service, you are blocked from using Meta Bot Services and everything related to Meta Bot.

Meta Bot reserves the rights to review and amend any of these Terms Of Service any time.

Meta Bot Team can always update the Terms Of Service of Meta Bot and all changes will take effect immediately from date of publication.

By accepting Meta Bot Terms of Service, you will also agree to Meta Bot Privacy Policy.

1) Documentation:

1.1) Meta Team has the right to update this document any time without a warning / notification.
1.2) Updates take effect immediately right after they are published.
1.3) The Terms of Service document terms apply to Privacy Policy document.
1.4) Information about updating the legal documentation will be published from Meta Discord Support Server.
1.5) This document apply's on everything related to Meta Group Services.
1.6) By using Meta Group Services, you agree to all the points listed in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

2) Using Meta Group Services:

2.1) You cannot Copy, modify, reverse engineer any materials in any Meta Bot Service.
2.2) You agree to not use exploits and try to break the service.
2.3) You don't use Meta Bot Services to cause any type of harm, harassment or anything illegal.
2.4) You don't remove any copyright notations from all services that Meta Bot Services provides.
2.5) You don't use Meta Bot Services to violate someone's privacy, property rights or any other right.
2.6) You cannot download any content without permission to sell / make profit out of it.
2.7) By using Meta Bot Services, you are responsible for your account and what it's doing.
2.8) By representing other parties, your account is responsible for the acts of other parties.

3) Using Content From Meta Bot Services:

3.1) Meta Plus is the "premium" version of Meta, that unlocks special features for your server.
3.2) Meta Plus might lose / change a feature without notifying the customers.
3.3) Meta Plus can be transfered to another server 1 time. After that, you cannot transfer the status anymore.
3.4) Meta Plus refunds can be requested 7 days after the date of purchase. Meta Team has the right to hold 5% of the transaction as a cancelling fee.
3.5) Meta Plus can be removed from customers server when the customer violates Meta's Terms of Service or Discord Terms of Service. When Meta Plus is removed due failing to comply with the Terms, Meta Team has the right to not refund the money.
3.6) Meta Plus can be purchased via Discord service or directly from the Developer and Founder of Meta Group.

4) What belongs to us, how can you use it:

4.1) Everything inside and outside of the Meta Discord Bot belongs to Meta Group.
4.2) Everything on this website belongs to Meta Group.
4.3) When using any type of content from Meta Group Services, you must include the original source and a copyright mark (Meta Earth Logo) and provide a understandable and seeable text or any other type of widget to let users know that the material is from Meta Bot Services.

5) Personal data and your account:

5.1) Meta bot services NEVER ask for your personal information and does NOT collect it by any way.
5.2) All data that is received and that is personal, is kept between Meta Group and the consumer.
5.3) By using Meta Group services, we have the right to use customers Discord account information, such as username, display name, avatar, status and content you've said publicly and that is public content.
5.4) Meta Team has the right to terminate customers account from Meta Bot Services for an unspecified time.
5.5) Customer has right to apply for an unblock / removal of the terminination.
5.6) Your account must not break any Discord Terms of Service.
5.7) Meta Team can remove specific features / restrict customers usage of Meta Bot Services when there is a reasonable cause.
5.8) Usage of personal data is listed in the Privacy Policy.
5.9) Meta Team has the final say who can and who cannot use the Meta Bot Services.

6) Liability and trust:

6.1) Meta Group is not liable for any damage caused by our Services.
6.2) Meta Group is not liable for any accidents made by mistake.
6.3) Customer uses Meta Bot Services at their own risk.
6.4) Meta Group does not take responsibility on any damage or harm that a third party application / service has done, even if the service / application has been found on Meta Bot Services.
6.5) Meta Group is trusted and secure, every customer has right to ask for any clarification unless the information is disclosed.

7) Third party applications, links and features:

7.1) Meta Bot website might contain third party links.
7.2) Meta Group is not responsible for the content from any third party service that is located on our website.
7.3) The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement, approval, or control by Meta Group of the site.
7.4) Use of any such linked site is at your own risk and we strongly advise you make your own investigations with respect to the suitability of those sites. harm.

8) Rights to Terminate:

Meta Bot Team has rights to terminate you, your account or your Discord server from our services any time needed.
Termination or block will only be made by the Leader of Meta Bot Services (@goodguyfrosty) and the limits on termination will apply instantly after being terminated.

9) Severance:

Any term of these Terms of Service which is wholly or partially void or unenforceable is severed to the extent that it is void or unenforceable. The validity of the remainder of these Terms of Service is not affected.