Anti Mod Grief

Enchant your server with Metas advanced Anti Mod Grief Protecion System, to keep your server safe from possible staff attempts to destroy your Discord Server. Configure the module as you like and make your server more secure today!

Alt Protection

Get notifications when a possible alt account has joined your server. Have options to mute them for a setted periode or to be kicked upon when joining. Keep your server clean from alt accounts with Metas Anti Alt Protection System.

Malicious Bot

Discord bots can be dangerous. Meta is here to help you out. The Malicious Bot Detection System makes sure that only Administrators can add bots to your server. Meta will also scan all "unverified" bots when those are added.

Auto Mod

Everything nowdays is so complicated and fancy. With 1 click, you can enable Metas simple Auto Mod System that protects your server from racial slurs, Discord server invites and self-botting users. All you need for a Discord server.

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